Saturday, 23 July 2016

Mortal man, Awesome God

Flesh and blood  I am, the works of your mighty hands, in many ways I fail you, yet you uphold me and fight battles that I may not even know about.
Like a true father you defend me and provide for all my needs for your glory...for all the wrongs I have done while you carry out 24hours work on me without rest, I thank you.
You see me through and listening even when I complain, I thank you Lord.
For many times that I complain instead of lifting my hands and voice in thanksgiving, I ask for forgiveness.
For the many wrong words and thoughts that you find unpleasant, father pardon me.
Give me the courage to come before you as I am that you may perfect me.
I am the clay and you are the porter, mold me and shape me in the way you desire and give me a heart of flesh.
Enable me with the grace to do your will and follow the path you have designed for me.
Enable me listen to you in ways I will understand.
Please breath on me a new spirit to guide me always.
Do take your place in my life and demonstrate the might of your presence.
Give me peace like a river and manifest the promises of your word in my life. Be lifted in my heart, in my home in my family and in my land Nigeria.
Lord please have mercy on your people and heal our land Nigeria.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

The Doctrine of salvation

"Now the spirit speaketh expressly that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of the devil. Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot Iron..... If thou put the brethren in remembrance of these things, though shall be a good minister of Jesus of Christ, nourished up in the words of faith and of good doctrine, wherefore thou hast attained.... Take heed unto thyself and unto the doctrine continue in them ; for in doing this thou shall both save thyself, and them that hear thee. "
1 Timothy 4:1,6&16
Good doctrine is a very rear these days to hear from the alter. Many alters now carry strange fire other than that which the spirit of the one true God gives. The doctrines that are thought now are for attraction of new membership are higher number of crowd in attendance because it is what is "trending". The reason for good doctrine in the first place is to salvage every lost soul, bringing back to the body of Christ. But strange fires seem to have taken over, seducing men into believer that which is far from what will give a crown of glory at the end of this life here on earth.
Work out your salvation with fear and trembling because the hour cometh when men shall seek Him and He will not be found of them.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Beyond Thirty

After a woman crosses the mark of thirty, complexities of life become even more complex. She tends to look for marriage in every relationship unlike the twenties when all she thinks about is if he meets her ideal fantasy man, If he gets all in "the list"  of the must have things/qualities.

But deep within...
What nobody knows about the life of the thirties is the depth of loneliness they can sink to sometimes, let alone the many times she thinks of having a family and the many more times she ponders on the decision to either break the boundaries of stereotype and "go it alone" (having a baby without necessarily being with a partner) or just wait for "Mr. Right" as time continue to wear away the famous clock in the history of biology.

At this point she contemplate "if the man does not show up, may be she would just find a way to have a child she wants so bad by herself".  But the problem then becomes, "well I can't possibly impregnate myself, should I get someone to sleep with at a perfect time just so I can get pregnant? Or go through the expensive process of hospital trips and bills, look for who would be kind enough to donate sperms to me aside the many roller coaster of emotions I pass through while I am at the point of just thinking? "

She might at a point become so consumed with the desire to have a child that she even forget to stop for one moment to consider when the child eventually comes and gets past the moment of being adorable to becoming aware that something does not look right at parents teachers meeting when they consistently turn up alone with no daddy tagging along.

The inevitable truth is the child will begin to feel like an alien adopted from a planet on the verge of extinction, completely missing the fact that, he or she is a deliberate choice made by her to bring him or her to the world and she the parent is the one that needs saving by the miracle that he or she is.

But being somewhat clueless of all the expressions of love she tries her best to show to him or her, the child begins to drift into his or her own oblivion and she is left with an additional problem of taking care of her lingering lonely state and his or her emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. And God help her if she  comes from the part of the world that is highly conservative. It becomes another ball game entirely.

The tugging line of pressure...
Before she even get to that point of 'going it alone decision', she would have endured so many interrogations mostly from people that are not the closest members of her family on why she is still single and choosy of life partners (assuming they keep coming and she keeps turning them down). She should consider herself luckier if she is not taken to any bizarre deliverance session to places other than where God really resides. Or attempts to hook her up with some random people that she has absolutely nothing compatible with from the word hello.

And not forgetting the times that the constant investigations might push her to thinking she needs an urgent solution, so she finds some relationship councillor that she hopes would fix her up and help her find a good relationship but she realise sooner that the councillor who is "very" married wants to council her into a messy triangle that will end up leaving her even more emotionally unstable. (Lord have mercy!).
She takes to her heels and return to her cocoon hoping to figure something out but ends up sinking into deep, lonely depression that leaves her in some state of an emotional self destruct racking ball!

Yay moment...
Some moments of inspiration leads her to the few times when she stand in front of the mirror one fine day and remembers to tell yourself "hey I still got it, I still look good".  She smiles to yourself and make cute faces as she takes the selfies she has forgotten still exist in a while.
Looking at the selfies, she takes a moment and see how beautiful she still is and ask herself  "why does this age tend to inspire more worries than joyful living?"
"What is wrong with me?"
"Why am I still single?"
"Why is it so hard for me to settle down now that I want it so bad?"

These many questions takes her to plugging into memories of broken relationships depending on the number she must have had or tried to have. She thinks to herself, "... maybe I should have just compromise more with A or B, may be it could have led me to the alter".
While she is in that" coulda shoulda woulda land", she rediscover why it all had to end and what led to the endings in the first place and she begins to feel anger rising but thankfully snaps out of the picture before it traps her in its misery.

The bigger picture...
Back to the uncertain realities of the days ahead of her as a single and over thirty woman with an income that can barely keep up with her bills, she ask herself if God still hears when she prays or has decide to shut His ears all together when she cries out for help. She feels angry at Him for not doing apparently anything about her situation and throw so many angry questions at Him hoping to get some sort of reply at some point but gets nothing, which takes the frustration deeper, culminating into an emotional/angry burst of tears and crying that she does not want anyone to hear but still hopes that God hears and sees how much she is dying inside to have this one desire come to pass.

She cries so much mumbling words in a prayer manner that might not even readily make sense. Her eyes get swollen, her nasal cavity gets blocked with mucus triggered by so much crying and she wishes some sleep ferry would just shut her eyes to sleep so she can just get a moment of not having to think about how miserable it all makes her feel.

Eyes on Hill...
Every attempt to stop herrself from crying ends up bringing some more tears. Trying to cheer herrself up with a movie but it turns out the story line is talking about her present situation which makes her even more emotional than she were before the attempt to cheer herself up. In that state she looks left right and centre for some sort of comfort, but sees and hear none at the desired moment.
Going face flat on the floor she realizes no other shelter can shield her from the storm that is ragging before her. So she cries out to God to help her out,  to come lift her up out of the merry clay. She pours out her heart to Him and empties herself before Him to fill her up in her helplessness.

By the time she opens her eyes, she sees that the night has grown older and silent with time spent on the floor. Thankfully sleep crawls in till her face is plastered against the pillow that got some of the rain from her eyes. And she finds herself at the mercy of the land of dreams till a new day breaks. She some how gets the strength to pick herself up with what remains of  her hope and start another day.
Inside may be on the verge of breaking but outside is a solid looking rock protecting the inner tenderness and holding it together still.
This story is still ongoing and an unscripted journey lies ahead...

Saturday, 16 January 2016


Imagine a place where it is all singing, joy and laughter. No pain, sorrow or disease. Living in the light of the glory of the King of Kings. The streets made up of all kinds of precious stones. You never have to pay any rent or bills ever. No one makes mockery of the other. No one is made to feel inadequate. I can only imagine...heaven is that place and Jesus is the ticket to that place if you accept Him and cast your burdens upon Him.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

She thinks...(episode one)

O how wonderful it will be if he could send me a message or call me first thing in the morning, I will be reminded that he thinks about me.

If he calls me from work, I would feel a lot better, it will brighten up my day.

If he ask how my day goes after close of work, it will remind me that he really cares and I matter much to him.

If he plans his weekends with me in his mind, it will tell me how much he values me.

If he ask what I would like to eat so he can prepare it for me or we go out and get it, it will tell me I like to see you happy and well all the time.

If I tell him I got a headache but nothing to worry about and he rushes all the same to see how I am doing, it will tell me how lucky I am to have him in my life.

If he shows up in my place of work unannounced during his launch hour and says, just wanted to see how you are doing, it will be the highlight of my day.

If he shows up early before close of work and says, I finished early from the office so I decided to come take you home when you finish,  it will mean the world to me.

If he tells me, you know I can't have a complete day without knowing how my baby is doing, I will say, now you gonna make me cry love.

If I have a very bad day or the opposite and the first person I want to share with is him, then I am smitten by him.

If the thought of him does not cease from my mind day in day out, then he can be rest assured that he has no competition.

If I wish to spend every free time I get with him, then I am completely in love with him.

When I shop and think of the best thing to buy for him, his name is blessed among the sons of Adam.


There is a void, a vacuum that only God can fill in the life of men.
When he is not there, the emptiness is enough to drawn a man.
In an attempt to fill this void He reserved just for Himself when He created man, men engage in all sort of things that further derail them sometimes to a point of insanity.
Finding God is finding inner conflict resolution and inner peace will be restored.
Remember He is the Prince of peace. The kind of peace He gives can not be found else where.
Looking for peace else where is like looking for instructions on how to drive a car in a phone manual!
I sincerely hope that you find Him while He is yet to be found.
May you find the kind of love that only He can give today and for the rest of your days.

Is God in you?
Have you found Him
Please seek Him and He will be found.
God bless your heart and see you through whatever inner struggle you might be passing through in Jesus name.

Sunday, 16 August 2015


Please don't hold me
No, don't even try
Because I know I will come devolving
into your arms
Don't look at me
No please, not like that
I don't want to get drawn in it
Don't try to comfort me
When you see me sad
I would rather you do no such
Than to deal with the realization that I never had...
If I had invested too much
I have no regrets
Painful or not
This is how memories are made
Knowing I have lived certain moments
The knowledge is no comfort either
But the shelf of my heart accommodate it
Wishing to walk pass it
It's like one step forward
And two all back again
But surely I shall crawl
For a thousand miles begins with just a step

You couldn't rise to the occasion
When the opportunity availed itself!
O happy sad
Has courage failed you this much my dear ?